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What is FableNotes ?

It's a research-based music literacy curriculum that brings music to life through lovable characters and fun stories. 

Some kids just need specific instructions to know where and how to look at music, but it’s not often taught, it’s just expected. FableNotes teaches the spatial relationships of notes with simple verbal descriptions and offers multi-sensory learning materials to capture all seven learning styles. 

Here Come the High Notes and Look Out for Low Notes are  beautifully illustrated hardcovers and digital books about how the notes chose their spots among the treble clef lines. With 13 characters and rhyming text, sheet music becomes an unforgettable musical world. The accompanying workbooks transition the learner from picture books to confidently reading sheet music. 
The books naturally introduce music concepts and vocabulary bit by bit. They use mnemonics and recaps built into the story to reinforce learning effortlessly.   



Research has shown that participating in music improves attention span, learning ability, executive functioning, memory, and cognitive control. Music is so important, but not everyone has access to it.

Music reading is one of the most common barriers that children face when learning to play the piano. But reading music allows the musician to be independent when playing, which can be such a freeing experience for any child; it’s like losing yourself in a good book. 

Most music method books usually only show (pretty small) black notes & lines. That would be like if we only taught the alphabet with a small, serif font.  Meanwhile, kids are learning the alphabet by tracing it in play-dough, reading illustrated alphabet books, singing the alphabet song, playing with alphabet refrigerator magnets, etc. Every kid is offered multi-sensory education opportunities to make sure they catch all the kids’ unique learning styles. There’s no reason all music students  shouldn’t have the same variety of avenues for learning! 

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