What is FableNotes ?


It's a research-based music literacy curriculum that brings music to life through lovable characters and fun stories. 

FableNotes© makes learning to read music as easy as reading a story.  Here Come the High Notes is a beautifully illustrated hardcover book about how the notes chose their spots among the treble clef lines. With 13 characters and rhyming text, sheet music becomes an unforgettable musical world. 

Here Come the High Notes is the first book in the FableNotes series, and it was developed to make learning to read music accessible for everyone, regardless of their age, socioeconomic or disability status.


The books naturally introduce music concepts and vocabulary bit by bit. They use mnemonics and recaps built into the story to reinforce learning effortlessly.   



Research has shown that participating in music improves attention span, learning ability, executive functioning, memory, and cognitive control. Music is so important, but not everyone has access to it.

Kids in low-income neighborhoods are less likely to have music education because of school budget cuts, and their families often can't afford private music lessons. But with FableNotes resources, parents and non-music teachers can teach kids the basics of music literacy even if they don't have a music background. 


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