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Story-Logic Music Method™

There are so many benefits to playing music, it's no wonder music teachers and so many parents are passionate about giving children the gift of music. But it can be hard to convince a new learner of that when they're feeling overwhelmed by all the notes.


So many students are getting stuck in the beginner stage for too long, stumbling through boring pieces. That's why I created Story-Logic Music Method™ to prevent common music reading difficulties and promote a life-long love of music. Students who use FableNotes progress beyond the beginner stage quicker, so that they can start playing real repertoire that speaks to their souls sooner. 

Learning from stories

Using stories and pictures to memorize is as old as language itself. And yet, professional memorizers (yes, that is a thing!) are still using it today. They call it building a memory 'palace' or memory 'journey.' There are heaps of books that personify the alphabet through stories, but the world is ready for the musical alphabet to come alive!

Mnemonic devices

FableNotes' rhyming text sticks in the learner's memory, and the learner can repeat it in their head when trying to recall a note. The notes are introduced one-by-one and information is chunked into bite-size bits so that each new note is easy to remember. The notes are color-coded, because not only is using color a proven way to help your brain keep new learning organized, it also engages young learners. 

Naturally introduces vocabulary 

Music vocabulary (like clef, staff, skip, step, etc.) is introduced in context, so that students can pick up the new words the same way a baby absorbs language. These new words then provide a jumping off point for discussion and exploration. Hearing these words repeated throughout creates a familiarity and comfort with the language of music. 

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