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The essential music literacy picture book that turned the latest educational research into this all-in-one music teaching resource that children love. Here Come the High Notes has empowered thousands of children to understand and memorize music notation. It was successfully launched on Kickstarter, and is now being utilized in hundreds of schools internationally.  Join the party and sit back to watch how easily it transforms the way children interact with their sheet music.  All hardcover books sold here will be signed by the author and shipped on the next business day. Digital download links will arrive in your email within 24 hours. 

Look Out for Low Notes | Hardcover

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Meet the 12 bass monsters as colorful illustrations tell the story of how the low notes chose their spots on the music lines. In this brilliantly engaging book, sheet music becomes an unforgettable musical world. Look Out for Low Notes is the second book in the FableNotes© series, created as a science-backed way to make music literacy unbelievably fun.

What's inside? A musician has thought up the notes in his head, and decides to set them free onto paper so he could share his songs with the world. In this 32-page book, the notes are introduced one-by-one as their stories explain where to find them on the music lines.Shipping within the USA *international shipping unavailable*

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