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The essential music literacy picture book that turned the latest educational research into this all-in-one music teaching resource that children love. Here Come the High Notes has empowered thousands of children to understand and memorize music notation. It was successfully launched on Kickstarter, and is now being utilized in hundreds of schools across the USA.  Join the party and sit back to watch how easily it transforms the way children interact with their sheet music.  All hardcover books sold here will be signed by the author and shipped on the next business day. Digital download links will arrive in your email within 24 hours. 


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The printable PDF workbook helps the learner seamlessly transition from colorful FableNotes characters to confidently reading black and white sheet music.

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  • "I have a student with severe dyslexia who struggled to recognize any note for three years of lessons, and now she's suddenly shouting the note names at her lessons with newfound self-confidence and JOY!"

    -J. Perlan, music teacher

  • "We just got this book a few days ago and my 26-month-old is already able to name every note. He is obsessed with their fuzzy little faces. He asks to read it every day. This book is genius."

    -A. Elsen, parent

  • "By the end my first lesson teaching with FableNotes, I got to see a 6-year-old absolute beginner read an Am7 1st inversion chord that he saw on my advanced music saying he remembered the notes from the story!"

    -Y. Feldner, PhD, music educator

  • "My kindergartener uses Here Come the High Notes like an encyclopedia to figure out the notes in her song when she's on her own to practice. She goes, 'I don't know that note, but I know where to find it!'"

    -S. Brown, parent

  • "The hardest part of using FableNotes is dragging the kids' attention from the book and back to playing their repertoire and scales! And they keep talking about the notes' stories long after they've learned to read music from it."

    -D. Ma, youth philharmonic conductor

The book that brings hope

Thank you for sharing your story, David. FableNotes is proud to give families with hospital workers a free eBook through the end of May. We hope music will fill your days with joy. ​

playing his worries away
playing his worries away

‘Daddy, will I ever get to hug mommy again?

At first I could tell him that it would be soon, now I’m not so sure. 

I couldn’t be more proud of my wife,

But the days are so long without her...

And my son is feeling it most of all.

He misses his friends and teachers...

But most of all, he wants his mom back.

Every day he asks why.

And every day my heart breaks for him. 

How can I explain to someone so small, 

she’s on the COVID frontlines. 

She can't come home anymore, it's not safe. 

His own mom, too dangerous to hug.

I hold him tight and try to be enough

Try to distract him, keep him busy

Then I remember

The park is closed…

His birthday party is cancelled…

He wears a mask just to ride his scooter...

Nothing is normal, and he’s terrified.

I wasn’t able to be everything he needed, all by myself.

At 6am- trying to face another day- I called a friend for backup. 

He assured me, we’re all feeling it.

Children’s minds are racing with fears that everyone they love will get sick and die...

“Daddy, I don’t want mommy to get sick! I need her!”


My friend recommended a children’s book that teaches music.

“How would that help?” I wasn’t convinced.

He told me his kids started making music to express their deepest feelings and fill long days with hope and joy. 

Music was the missing piece he never knew his kids needed so much until now.

I decided to give the book a try, even though I’d never played an instrument. What could I lose?

I found it on Barnes and Noble, but saw shipping would take days. Then I searched it on Amazon, but shipping was just as long. 

Finally, I found the publisher’s website and contacted them to find the book quicker.

The author herself responded, and told me she signs & mails hardcovers directly every day with free shipping using sterile technique. 

And I was beyond excited to see I could download the digital materials instantly. 

She’d already dropped the prices to the lowest they’ve ever been, because she wants every child to play music during these days at home.

Best of all- she’s giving free eBooks to families of hospital workers. 

She understands- she’s living away from her husband who’s a doctor treating patients with COVID-19.

It warmed my heart to talk to someone who gets it.


When I showed my son the book, it was nothing short of magic...

The illustrations are brilliant and he couldn’t look away.

Wow! He was soaking up music knowledge like a sponge! 

After we read the book, he asked to see the workbook and printables. 

We used an online app to start making music. 

We played all day, talking about the notes and making up songs.  Simple songs with sad melodies, and ones that sounded brave.

And by the time we looked up, it was time for mommy’s visit through the window. 

My wife could tell right away my son was filled with hope.

And that lifted her spirits too. 

There are no words to express how glad I am to have found this book. 

And I just want to say thank you to the author who made this possible for our family.

While you’re staying safe at home, I 100% recommend you buy this book to open up a world of togetherness through music.’

-David G. Canmore (Chesapeake, VA)


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