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Meet the 12 bass clef monsters as colorful illustrations tell the story of how the low notes chose their spots on the music lines. In this brilliantly engaging book, sheet music becomes an unforgettable musical world. Look Out for Low Notes is the second book in the FableNotes© series, created as a science-backed way to make music literacy unbelievably fun.

Snooty C represents middle C in both treble and bass books.

Lookout B

is the first to voyage into the bass clef

Lazy A kicks up his feet on the top line

Clumsy G

trips over Lazy A's feet

Magic D

disappears, then reappears trapped behind the middle line

Bass Clef F

chooses the line where the bass clef starts

Spying E peeks out from behind the lower dot of the bass clef symbol

Trusty C helps to free Magic D from behind his line

Jumping B counts as he hops down the lines

Playful A 

slides all the way down the clef

Giggly G rolls with laughter to the bottom

Spacey F

daydreamed so long that he got the last space